Meeting with the CEO 7.1.2019

Dearest Sistas in Christ:

I continue to thank God for you as you travel along this part of my life’s journey.  I continue to pray all is well with you and ask God to cover you with his unconditional, unchanging love, power, might and forgiveness.

God has been dealing with me about our inability to accept what has been freely given to us at a tremendously high price.  He gave me the analogy of designer handbags.  I know no one can love Michael Kors as much as I used to.  But, my love of Michael Kors handbags is an apt analogy for this missive. 

There are original Michael Kors designer bags.  They can be bought for a high price.  Baby, they are expensive.  There are some designer bags that are so expensive they are not even on the internet.  The manufacturer knows the little people can’t afford them.  Then there are knock-off bags.  They have irregular stamped on the inside.  Then there are the “bootleg” handbags that mis-spell Michael Kors.

For those who just want to have the status of carrying a Michael Kors bag and their money is funny, a knock-off is enough.  It doesn’t matter to them that everybody knows this is not the real thing.  They just want to be in the circus.

We as people can either be authentic Christians or “knock-off” Christians.  They both can look the same in the circus of life.  The word of God tells us -” If we confess with our mouths that Jesus is Lord and believe in our hearts that God raised Him from the dead, we will be saved.” Romans 10:9.

Well, the CEO said there are many of us that have a mouth confession and not a heart transformation.  We don’t truly believe that our salvation and forgiveness rests in allowing Jesus to be the Lord of our lives.  We don’t recognize, trust and live in the supernatural truth that Jesus died to pay the final, total complete and eternal price for our sins – all those nasty, foul suckers.  We don’t believe Jesus truly rose from the dead with all power in his hands and took the keys of hell and death from satan’s grasp.  As we live in the miniscule believe system, we as Christians have “knock-off” faith.

Knock-off faith will only carry us only so far in this life.  As we know eternal life is now and not something afar off as if we are in the wilderness traveling to a promised land.  We can walk around with a “form of Godliness and denying the power thereof.  We can live in a knock-off existence.  The CEO told me when I have knock-off faith and do not fully accept that Jesus is Lord and by the shedding of his blood my sins are forgiven, I walk around with bogus liberty.  I am living an irregular life and eventually everyone can see I have an irregular bag and the name of Jesus is mis-spelled.

The CEO took it to another level in our conversation.  He said to me, when I deny the power of the blood of the lamb which was shed for the redemption of my lost soul and redeem me back to the throne of grace, I am saying what Jesus did was not enough.  The CEO, my Lord and savior Jesus Christ also shared with me every time I doubt Him and carry on in my own path, thought and ways, I act as if I am demanding he be crucified afresh.  I am living a “knock-off” existence in Christ.

How many of us know, those knock-of bags don’t last?  The handle will snap off, the fake pleather will crack, the lining will tear and your grand-baby’s Go-Gurt will spill in the lining of your purse and cover everything.  Wowsa!  Eventually, we will realize our investment was a waste of time, money and a punishment to our egos.

This week I continue to learn without the shedding of the blood there is no remission of sin.  In the Old Testament the Israeli people had to make blood sacrifices to God.  The shedding of blood was the indicator they recognized their sins and failures and repented and wanted to renew the covenant of loving faith and redemption with the Lord and Savior.  It was the acknowledgement that nothing else could save them from their separation for God who was and is our all and all.  They could not, nor can we, live without him and when they recognized their loss, they repented so they could be reconnected.

Jesus came to pay the ultimate price.  He was without stain or blemish.  He was the first and only born son of God.  He was born of a virgin who had not been touched or soiled by man.  He was born sinless and he was pleasing to God in every way.  He was the Michael Kors of God.  He was not listed on the internet because no one could pay his price.  He is priceless.  Anything that comes after him is a knock-off and has irregular in their label.  Excuse me satan, you are a knock-off.

The CEO also explained to me what the problem between the sacrifices of Cain and Able was.  Cain brought veggies and Able brought a sheep.  My eyes were opened to that fact, there is no remission of sin without the shedding of blood.  Veggies don’t bleed and the real analogy in the story, it seems Cain’s heart was not changed or repentant.  He remained the same and eventually went on to slay his brother.  He was living a “knock-off” life. 

Our lives have been bought with a high price that no man can or could pay.  When we reject the loving care and benefits of accepting Christ as our Lord and Savior and believing in our heart that he died and rose again that we may live with Him eternally, we as those who profess to be Christians are living a “knock-off” life.  When we are instructed and begged to turn over everything to our lord and savior, to forgive (give our hurts and mistakes to our Lord and Savior) and we continue to live life our way and not his way, we are living a “knock-off” life.  We are Cain and not Able.

We are to ask for forgiveness and give forgiveness to those who hurt us.  We are to trust the blood of the lamb that was shed on Calvary will never lose it power.  We carry around unforgiveness like a knock-off bag, never knowing the feeling and knowledge that we are living an authentic life because we know Jesus is our Lord and Savior.  Won’t you let go of you knock-off life.  Won’t you allow a heart-change and an upgrade to the original, priceless Jesus Christ.  He is waiting and your name is on the list.  No more knock-offs for me.

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