Meeting with the CEO 7.29.2019

Whose voice are you listening to?

There are things, people and situations that come at us every day.  These things are called challenges and choices.  They require decisions.  Whether it is decisions on what to do, or decisions on how to feel about what is happening.  Perhaps it is how I will respond to and feel about the people who seem to be the instruments of my destruction.  I am surrounded by these challenges all day every day.  Will I see them as obstacles, or will I see them as building blocks.  Will I choose to allow them to weigh me down in depression or use them as bricks to my success and happiness.  Whose voice will I listen to.  The subtle voice of the Satan that tells me all is lost or the voice of my risen Savior?

There have been some things that presented themselves in my path last week.  I was challenged in my faith.  But believe me, I stand resolute the devil has only one tool.  That tool is his ability to whisper that question that causes me to doubt my faith, my path and most of all the God of my salvation.  Further, I firmly believe when I doubt the goodness of the Lord for me and snatch my life out of his hands, that is when I have sinned.   What I do after that are indicators of the extent of my disbelief in the God of my deliverance. 

For instance, I doubt the power and love of God in my life.  Therefore, I am going to hate on someone.  I am going to curse somebody out.  I am going to turn up that bottle of liquor, take a drag on that drug, shoot that poison up my vein.   I am going to sleep away the day.  I am going to host a private pity banquet.  I am going to strike out at people and show them what darkness really looks like.  I am going to self-medicate by any means necessary.  The battle is lost, and I am going to abandon my faith and my God.  Whose voice am I going to listen to?  The subtle voice of the Satan that tells me all is lost or the voice of my risen savior? 

My faith is not real until I must be faithful in the darkness of the unknown.  My believe that God is all powerful is not true until I chose without duress to trust him.  I have not even scratched the surface of loving with the love of God until I love the one who hurt me the most.  I have not been forgiven until I forgive (give it to God) the so-called unforgiveable.  I do not receive the manifold blessings of God to the uttermost in the sunshine, but amid the storm.  Whose voice shall I listen to.  The subtle voice of the Satan that tells me all is lost or the voice of my risen Savior?

There are those days when God opens doors that I didn’t even know was in the wall and doubt assails me.  When I begin to doubt the Word and love of God and a voice asks me the darkest questions of my fear.  Something happens.  Can I do it?  Is it for me?  Is this a trap?  The door slammed in my face.   The window closed on my fingers.  Somebody pissed on my head and tried to tell me it was rain.  It looks like in the natural I am done.  All is lost.  There is no good thing left for me in the world.  I hear the CEO, the almighty God, my personal Lord and Savior ask, “Whose voice are you listening to?”

OOOPS!  This pull-up in the Spirit causes an immediate course correction.  I turn from doubt and fear to looking into the face of my salvation.  I repent my deafness to his loving voice who is never changing.  I return to an attitude of Praise and Thanksgiving.  All I do is win.  What I see in the natural has nothing and I mean nothing to do with what is going on in the spiritual realm.  As Elisha consoled Elijah, “Don’t be afraid!  For there are more on our side than on theirs!” 2 Kings 6:16 NLT.  The William Murphy Project sings “Praise is what I Do.  Under all circumstances.  Through the good and the bad.   I Praise God…because praise is what I was born to do.  I owe everything to God.”  All I do is win!  My victory is in Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior and the key to the kingdom is my belief and adherence in trust to the one who is my all and all.  Whose voice are you listening to?

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