Meeting with the CEO 9.16.2019

What is Holding You Back

Bag lady you gone hurt your back
Dragging all them bags like that
I guess nobody ever told you
All you must hold onto, is you, is you, is you…

Source: LyricFind . Songwriters: Andre Romell Young / Brian Anthony Bailey / Craig A. Longmiles / Isaac Hayes / Nathaniel D. Hale / Ricardo Emmanuel Brown Jr. Bag Lady lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc, Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Reach

Part of the wilderness journey is the shedding of things that will not serve us well in the new land.  We must enter in ready to take a stand, fight and reach out to higher ground.  In prize fights, the challengers are weighed in.  The audience asks, “what is their fighting weight?”  The fighters are also categorized according to their body weight; i.e., lightweight, heavyweight, welterweight.  Racehorse jockeys are also weighed.  The weight of the rider can slow down the performance of the horse.  In all these instances, anything that is a hindrance to winning the race or overcoming the obstacle is shed.  Sometimes, the weight is referred to as “dead weight.”

What dead thing are we trying to take with us into the promised land? God does not allow what is dead to be carried in. We will continue to circle in the wilderness separated from our hearts desires until we either bury the dead or resurrect it. What did Jesus do with dead things he either said bury it or he resurrected it.  Crossing into the promise land takes dedication and a seriousness that does not allow anything to enter in but what God has equipped is with.  What sort of things cannot enter the promised land?

Unforgiveness and all the things that attach themselves to unforgiveness is baggage that weighs us down. We must be free and freed up to fight the good fight of faith.  The Bible says when you come to the altar with your gifts; if you have something against someone or they something against you, you are to leave the gift, go and rectify the issue. Either bury it or give it new life. Can it be resuscitated?  Are you carrying around dead weight? 

Doctors make life and death decisions all the time.  When they have done everything, they can to resuscitate the patient and the patient does not respond, they call a dead thing dead and cease from pouring in energy. They mourn the loss and move on.

What dead thing(s) is/are laying around your life stinking up things, sucking up all your energy and resources and taking your eyes off the prize?  Make the conscious decision today to apply resuscitation to the best of your ability and if all fails, call that dead thing dead; bury it, mourn and move on up a little higher.

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  1. Finally had a chance to read last week’s reflections. Good illustrations and good job of applying it to real life🤗

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