This morning a woman sat up in her bed.  Rolled her shoulders and shook her head.  She swung her legs over the side of the bed.  She put her head in both of her hands.  She shook with exhaustion and wonder who would understand.  The pile of grief, loss and responsibility.  So many wars to fight so many people to protect, where can I find rest for me she whispers to herself. She dare not cry out loud. For, if someone hears, they will place the burden of making her feel bad because she feels bad.

It is not that she thinks she is all that, but to many people she is.  These people know she can, she will, and she does understand.  She takes on the mantle and armor of God to fight the battles that need to be won.  She digs into the unsolvable until she finds the solution.  She stands in the face of adversity, tells it who is boss and sends it packing for today.  Today adversity loss.

The strong woman knows her strength comes from God and she is not alone.  She knows he loves and understand her.  He calls her is own.  She knows he is her strength, her lover and her guide.  She knows that he protects her and never leaves her side. 

And yet, there are times she rails at the heavens and says, Dear Lord, where is my hug and kiss today.  She is met with silence and then she moves on and sighs.  She gathers up her armor and prepares to fight or die. 

Once she is suited up and opens the door to reenter the world, she looks up at the sky and says almost as an aside, what I really needed this morning was a hug and a kiss.

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  1. In my warrior womanish mind, my hug and kiss was when He woke me up. Another day of life — to serve, to pray, to witness that Jesus lives. When my eyes open I know I’ve been kissed by the Great I Am. The Lover of my soul. The Creator of life. When I think about the Goodness of the Lord, I fall in Love again!


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