Crossing the River on Dry Land

Here I stand at the crossroads of change.  How do I know that I am at the crossroads of change?  Breakthroughs, massive shifts and changes are preceded by cataclysmic events in the spiritual realm.  There are somethings from your past that will rise again to call you to stay or return to the darkness you were once captured and mesmerized by. 

Will you break with the wilderness, which you know so well?  Will you cross over into the unknown promised land you seek? Will you trust the voice of the all-mighty God that tells you to cross over into the promised land and leave behind all you once knew?

There will be voices from your past that will call to your attention your past failures.  Those who feel you have disappointed and fallen short will call out of the darkness to accuse and ridicule who you are today.  Suddenly, you will be shown in “technicolor Facebook” all your friends are doing better than you.  They are more successful than you.  They are happier than you.  They are more in love than you.  Oh, by the way, did I fail to mention how far away you are from where you wanted to be by now.  Those last vestiges of darkness decry the next move you are being led to make. 

Those voices tell you that you are not ready.  You don’t deserve joy, peace, love and happiness.  Stay back here with us and continue to suffer.  Reject your freedom, shun your forgiveness.  Remain in your depression.  Lock your cuffs back around your hands and ankles.  Sit back down with us.

When I was lost in the darkness and could not see, God placed me on his potter’s wheel.  He placed me in his hands to mold and reshape me. He took the broken cistern called my life and reclaimed me and my life as his own.  Yes, I was bold enough and lost enough to think my life was my own. I believed I controlled everything that was about me.  What I thought was control was really being terminally out of control.  But…. before I took the final turn, crashed and burned, he rescued me from myself.

Today I stand at the shore of the Jordan River and I can see the distant shore of my future life in Christ.  I see the grapes.  I see the milk and honey.  I see the giants as they shake their fist at me and decree for me not to cross over.  I feel the tug of my past life.  I hear the jeers of those who would convince me that I am not free, not good enough, not worthy enough to leave them and receive my new life in Christ. 

I stand at the crossroads of my past and my future that are crossing and colliding.  I look up and smile and as God parts the waters and dries the muddy path, I walk on dry land.  I enter in.  I sing thank you Jesus, oh mighty king that saved me from myself —for grace and mercy came along and rescued me.

Are you a traveler like me who stands at the crossroads of your life?  Though you feel the pull of your past, press on and through.  God paid the price and forgave you.  I forced myself to remain on the potter’s wheel and allowed God to work out everything that was not like Him.  I suffered ached, cried and felt the pangs of loneliness and separation.  I allowed God to hold my hand and bolster me as I looked back over my life.  I walked through the graveyard of my hurt’s, failures and dashed dreams.  I had to see my past through the eyes of God. The thistles and weeds of my past had to feel the blade of God’s vision, grace and mercy. 

Our past is never meant to lock us out of our future.  Obstacles are meant to be stepping stones.  Pain is meant to cause us to be able to recognize the pain in others and love them through their fears.  Each day of our lives is a building block to glory.  Never a death sentence.  I have surrendered all to Jesus and I found life where there was only death.  Wherever you are and whatever you are going through there is hope and a light. Know this, the light is seeking you. 

Look up, press in and press on.  Feel the hand of God holding you leading and guiding you.  Surrender all to the all mighty God who lives yesterday today and forever more.  The best is truly coming for you and for me.  Don’t give up and don’t give in.  Cross the mighty Jordan River. Endure to the end.

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