The Power of Praying Women

There is travail in 2020.  There is always travail in change.  No one gets to pull their little red wagon of dung along with them to enter the New Jerusalem.  Jesus came into the world through the travail of a woman to save the world because as men say, the world fell because of a woman’s sin.  In Genesis God commanded that women would no longer have it easy.  They would travail through childbirth to bring life into the world.  People forget that women are the cataclysmic force that brings life and change into the world. 

Somewhere in that plan God saw fit to use man – Adams — to ignite the seed of Abraham in the woman to start the life process.  It seems the man gets the pleasure and woman gets the pain.  I would say Adam enjoyed the apple though he took no responsibility for loving the taste of sin and disobedience.  But Jesus’ conception was without sin.  The seed of righteousness and deliverance came from heaven – God himself and rested in a virgin.

People in 2020 will be longing for a king or a judge to take them out of their misery and give them what they have not worked for or earned.  This is no longer Eden.  Men and women are going to have to work and labor for their deliverance and blessings.  The Israel tribes were looking for a king or a judge to help them out of their mess. They got it and it still didn’t bring them out.  God knew they needed a savior and not a king.

As this Advent season ends what we are waiting on is the travail of Mary to birth the savior.  Jesus could have come down like an angel of light.  But we would have confused him with the fallen angel of Satan who came in that form, offering all the goodies and none of the deliverance we seek.  Jesus was born of travail.   He went through the birth process. He squeezed his big head out of the birth canal of the woman that sheltered him for nine months as she endured the shame of not being married and not carrying her husband’s child.  She was rebuked and scorned, and he came into this world under the shroud of shame and bastardship.

No, he was not the knight on the white horse everyone was praying for.  People then and now want the easy way out.  We want 2020 to be easy.  Let the waters of prosperity flow freely over me but dry the river over those I don’t like or don’t think should get what I want.  Let me still live under the cloak of not enough and reject the source of more than enough.  No in 2020 we don’t want a breaking of every chain, we want an easy walk though into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey with palm branches and hosanna.  We want to ride on the back of that donkey and yet, we do not want to end up at the cross.  But, but, but as Psalms 37:25 says; “I have been young, and now am old; yet never have I seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.” 

December 29th was my 66th birthday.  I am standing on the shoulders of my mother who travailed to bring me into the world.  Just as Mary, Jesus mother loved, wept and lamented his suffering; my mother for 66 years as done the same for me.  There were times she has stood at the cross of my suffered and watched me die many bloody deaths at the hands of life and poor judgement.  And because she is a praying woman of faith, she has watched the God of resurrection bring me back to life again and again.  Yes, I have a praying mother, I have a praying sister, I have praying nieces and I have a praying grandmother.  All these women stand at the cross of my travail as God uses me to bring life into a darkened world.

On December 31st people – saved and sinners – light walkers and those who love darkness all looked to the clock for their salvation.  Many thought, “Man, if the striking of the clock could just bring a miraculous change that would wash away all my sins and let me be whole again and still hold on to all my stuff, I sure would be glad.”8  Not thankful, not God-aware just glad.  There will be those that look to have a pass without the change and without the travail.  Those who take this path will abort the birth of their promise and they will continue in their misery.  For me and mine, we chose this day whom we will serve.  Just as the people in Joshua 24:24 affirmed, we too shall affirm, The LORD our God will we serve, and his voice will we obey”. 

 This will be a prosperous year in the 2020th year of our Lord for me and mine.  We will face the winds of adversity knowing the God of our salvation is in front of us, around us, under us and behind us.  Yes, we will shed tears.  Some will be tears of sadness and loss because we must shed some things to move upward and forward.  But, But, But, there will be tears of great joy as we see the miraculous movement of God.  Some of us will stand in this place a year from now better and wiser, some will move on to higher ground and some will still be standing in the same spot asking if God is real?  As for me and mine we will stand on the word of God and seek his will and his way knowing that he is the way and the life.

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