This little light of mine

I’m gonna let it shine

Let it shine, let it shine let it shine

This week I was exposed to many opportunities to let my light shine.  The CEO has often asked me “How much light does it take to cast out darkness?”  I always reflect and say, “It is according to how much darkness there is.”  Well, this week I learned I need and must let my little light shine wherever I go.  There is a darkness that is insidious because it strikes out at the innocent, those who people think can’t and won’t fight back, stand up or hold on to the audacity of hope.

When I was a little girl all I wanted to do was, let my little light shine.  I was the one who wanted to make sure everyone had cookies.  On Valentine’s Day everyone in my classroom had to have a card and some candy.  When I grew up, I wanted to make sure the candy on my desk has some of everything that everybody liked.  I strove to please everyone all the time.  There was always someone bringing the darkness of criticism and mean-spiritedness.  As you can imagine, eventually my little light dimmed to the point I could no longer see or feel the heat.

A dear friend of mine posted on Facebook she was afraid to share her faith because people of her faith are being beaten and killed.  I shared my light with her.  All through history there have been bullies who come to shut down the light.  There will always be someone who judges us as “too something” or “not enough” something.  We buoyed each other’s courage and took the risk to stand in who we are.  We didn’t scream from the top of a building or point fingers at the wrong doers.  We just quietly stood in our power and shined the light God has given us…love.

This blog is a developmental project of sharing the love of God – shining my light – in the world.  It doesn’t strike out at anyone or put anyone on blast.  There are enough people out there doing that.  I call it blowing on the candle of light in the world.  I receive these messages from God and feel led to share them.  I stumbled on Facebook ads, by accident.  I didn’t understand it but felt “Wow, it would be great to share the light with the world.  Well, this week, there must have been a powerful light.  Darkness broke out and posted a lot of fowl rhetoric.  Some that didn’t even make sense or was germane to the posting.  I was stunned and aghast.  Then I checked the demographics.  There was a marked jump in the people who saw the posting and reacted.  The small minority as loud and crude.  The majority just let my little light shine.

This week I also participated in a deliberation experiment.  What is this?  This is an experimental process to study and understand what it takes to bring diverse people together to deliberate and make decisions for the good of the whole while sharing the views of the individual.  It is like taking all the pieces of who we are as people and coming to a conscience of what is for the most part good or best for the group.  This is not agreement but working toward a solution that might work and if it doesn’t be prepared to continue to the work.  One of the discussion pieces was the discussion of “Reducing Dangerous – Toxic Talk.”  From a philosophical discussion there was a struggle between people’s right to free speech and controls to minimize the harmful rhetoric that is stirring people to hurt, harm and maimed others in thought word and deed. 

Further, there was a gentleman on a Ted talk I saw recently who stood up and said, “You don’t have to agree with me, but why do you have to set out to assail me?  You don’t even know me?”  He enlightens me that in social media motifs no one is safe or covered.  That means the hate mongers are not hidden or anonymous.  He was courageous enough to reach out to one of the mudslingers and take the risk of starting a dialogue.  At first it was contentious because the person spewing the hate wanted to continue the rant.  The gentleman, who had been stung by the words bandied about his character, continued to walk and speak from a position of love and a desire to understand the other person’s stance.  The tables turned and the one who spoke from darkness blinked at the light.  The light is love.

This week I experienced the cold hard fingers of hatred…hatred for me, what I said, the society, the frustration and the feeling of powerlessness that drives people to strike out at animals, women and little children.  For a moment I was stunned, and fear rose up. I wanted to let them blow out my little light.  And then I remembered my friend who was fearful of being who she is out loud.  I remember the man whose Ted Talk illustrated his courage to confront the accuser.  I remembered lil Gwen who only wanted to let her little light shine.  Then I remembered the audacity of my hope that light will one day outshine darkness.  I will continue to write, and blog and I will continue to post, and I will continue to use Facebook advertisement and I will continue to let my little light shine everywhere I go.  How about you?

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    Awww, the audacity of hope. I guess we’re all in the same boat. Loved it
    Blessings in 2020, 2021, and on and on … You are courageous, bold, and fierce. Your light is so bright it’s shining way over here. Love is the answer and the key!


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