Meeting with the CEO 01.22.2020

Are We There Yet?

I have two friends who are long-haul truckers.  They zig-zag cross the United States many times a year.  Their journey could be monotonous except they take time out to look out their side windows and see the scenery.  They record and share what they see with all of us, through the pictures they post on Facebook.  Vicariously I have seen the highest heights of snow-capped mountains.  The deserts dry and arid.  The greatest mom and pop restaurants in America and captured the gatherings of friends and families as they take time out from the road.  Through their eyes I also travel the United States right from my armchair. 

When I was a child my family took many road trips.  Although we did not have a lot of money, my parents always made a way for us to participate in these get-a-ways.  They made sure we had enough gas to take the Sunday rides and eat carefully prepared lunches along the way.  We experienced the ride and were not consumed with getting to our destination.  My parents thought the journey was so important that they made sure we each had cameras with plenty of film and flash cubes to record what we saw.  That was a good thing because our destinations were always full circle back home.  The destination was not the point.  It was experiencing the journey.

When I am overwhelmed with life, at times, I hit the road with no destination in mind other than to make it back home eventually.  People ask what my purpose and destination is.  I always say, to see what I can see and leave behind the pressures of the day.  As I play my music loud and sing off-key with the windows and sunroof open, I experience a release.  Sometimes there are tears shed, sometimes there is laughter of a joke I recall.  Always there is the presence of the Holy Spirit that lets me know I am going to be alright and make it home safely.

There are other times when I am on the grind and feeling down that I am not where I THINK I should be by now.  Sometimes I think I sound like an impatient kid on a road trip.  Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?  I incessantly ask the question and yet would not recognize “there” when I arrived.  Thank God for his patience with me on this life’s journey.  The one guarantee I have is I will arrive “there” – safely back home.   God only asks me to look out the window, enjoy the scenery and take in the beautiful sights, people and places along the way.  Are you enjoying your life’s journey knowing you will make it “home” safely one day?

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