Have you ever looked over into the lane of someone else’s life and sighed? They seem to be as Aretha Franklin sang, Riding on the freeway of love with the wind at their backs in a pink Cadillac.  At times life can make you feel like you are stranded on the sidelines in a broken-down jalopy.  Facebook with all its great attributes tends to portray a false sense of success for people to display.  When I say Facebook does that, what I really mean to say, is we paint and distribute for public consumption sometimes a false picture of success and prosperity.  That is not to say all that we see is a figment of someone’s imagination, but many times it proves to be a mere moment in time. Sometimes it is a picture of a dream that we wish would come true. Or at least be sustainable beyond the moment.

In an episode of Sanford and Son, the father, Fred Sanford, was being administered an aptitude test.  It was not like the fun online quizzes we do now.  It was fitting the right blocks in the right holes.  There were all shapes and sizes that had to be matched.  Fred worked through the puzzle until there was one block and one-hole left.  He had a square peg that had to be fitted into a round hole.  He tried to force the peg every way knew.  It appeared to be impossible until…he pulled out his pocket knife and cut the corners of the peg until it fit.  I would say Fred was not riding on the freeway of love in a pink Cadillac, but he sure knew how to jumpstart an old jalopy.

As a child I loved the Road Runner cartoons.  Wily Coyote was always on the hunt for the Road Runner.  He made all kinds of plots and plans ordering various gadgets to destroy the Road Runner.  All his machinations were to no avail.  But, the most enjoyable time in the cartoon for me was when the Road Runner came right up to the trap.  He was moving faster than light with nothing but dust in sight.  He stopped on a dime and said Beep Beep.  All the traps snapped, and Wily Coyote was always snarled instead of the Road Runner. Then the Road Runner peacefully said, Beep Beep and went on his merry way. 

As I examine this God ordained pit stop at the side of the road of life for me.  I am led to ponder this issue in my life.  Wow, I am ready for life.  I am ready to be successful.  I am educated and prepared and willing to go where no man or woman has gone before.  Why am I being called to hold my horses, lil buckaroo?  There is an idiom that states, fools rush in where angels fear to tread.  Just because we are ready to launch out and do great things, it does not mean the way has been made.  When I examine the “I” in the equation I believe I have all the answers and really don’t have a grasp of the true questions in the matter.  Has the way been made?  Is this the right time and place?  Is it safe to move?  Will I encounter more harm than good? 

So, when I see people riding by in pink Cadillac, I will put away my pocket knife and slow my roll.  I will allow God to lead the way and determine my comings and goings.  When I am led to a trap, I pray I will be like the Road Runner. I will spy, stop and say Beep Beep. I will watch the trap be sprung and then peacefully move on.  I will hold my horses like a good buckaroo and thank God for my safe passage.  Jah love y’all.

Gradually, Jehovah God, reveals to us his plan,
Of all the wondrous things he’ll do, to raise up sinful man;
How often in the past we’ve seen, so many rush ahead,
And lose out on the blessings that they could have had instead.

We do recall the bowl of stew that Esau rushed to eat,
And thereby lost the birthright-he cast it to his feet;
Saul rushed ahead of Samuel, offered up the sacrifice,
And so doing, lost the Kingship-he valued not the price.

Judas the betrayer, he rushed in to “meet the sword”
For thirty silver pieces, he so surely sold the Lord;
And Peter he did rush to say, “My Lord I’ll ne’er deny,”
But later begged with deep regret, forgiveness from on high.

And even Lot’s two daughters, rushed ahead to found the seed,
Lacking faith in God, who would, provide the One we need;
And not forgetting Moses, who rushed in and struck the rock,
The Promised Land was never his, for God held key and lock.

And though King David was a man after God’s own heart,
He rushed ahead-against God’s will-a census he did start;
Then, looking at Bathsheba, he did steal Uriah’s wife;
And the price, he had to pay, was his offspring’s life.

Ananias and Sapphira-rushed in and lived a lie,
They grieved God’s holy spirit, and so they had to die;
Achan hid the garment, the silver and the gold
He was stoned for disobedience, back there in days of old.

So many lessons we can learn, by looking to God’s Word,
For waiting on God patiently is much to be preferred…
To rushing in, where even…all God’s angels fear to go,
So, let’s follow their example, all God’s people have below.

A poem from “Where Eagles Gather” – Rosemary Page, Blackpool, England

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